What is Basic Life Support (BLS) Certification?

What is BLS CPR

What is Basic Life Support (BLS) Certification?

Basic Life Support (BLS) certification differentiates itself from standard CPR certification due to its primary focus being towards healthcare providers like dentists, MDs, nurses, EMTs and CNAs. BLS puts emphasis on high performance CPR and teamwork. BLS class training also includes using medical equipment like pocket masks and bag valve masks (BVM) for ventilation. Our American Heart Association BLS certifications are valid for 2 years and are accepted at most healthcare clinics in Southern California.

BLS certification courses cover single person and 2 person infant, child and adult CPR, choking relief and other breathing emergencies like respiratory arrest. Nalaxone (Narcan) administration to counteract an opiod overdose is also covered in the BLS course .

Who Needs a BLS Certification eCard?

BLS certification is required for many professions in the healthcare including first responders and healthcare providers. Some careers that require a BLS eCard include:

Police Officers
Home Healthcare Workers
Nursing Home Staff
Physical Therapists
EMTs and Paramedics

How do I get BLS Certified?

Basic Life Support (BLS) Certification is earned by taking a BLS class at Save A Life CPR from the American Heart Association. Save A Life CPR courses include lecture, hands-on practice, skills testing, as well as a multiple choice test.

BLS Certification Courses can be completed completely in an Instructor Led in-person class as well as with a hybrid blended learning delivery method where most of the course and testing is completed online; while the skills portion of the online class is completed in a classroom with an instructor using training aids including CPRmanikins, AED trainers, BVMs and more).

Once the BLS class is successfully completed, a BLS eCard is given that is valid for 2 years.

How long Does it take to get BLS Certified?

An American Heart Association BLS in-person course takes about 2-4 hours to complete and also includes time for testing and practice. BLS classes cover everything needed to know to get a BLS certification and CPR for all healthcare providers including CPR.

The Blended Learning (online and classroom) course can vary depending on a students proficiency and how fast the online portion is completed. The American Heart Association (AHA) online course allows students to take quizzes and skip parts of the lecture if they pass. The online course can take anywhere from 45 minutes to 4 hours, but on average takes about 2.5 to 3 hours for first time students. The classroom skill check portion of the class can take up to 1-2 hours to complete and includes skills practice and testing.

How Much Does an American Heart Association BLS Class and Certification Cost?

BLS class and certification costs vary depending on the method (classroom only(in-person) vs blended learning), the training provider that is used, and the local cost in your area. Save A Life CPR also offers group discounts for hospitals and small businesses like dental practices and urgent cares, that can lower the costs substantially.

The American Red Cross (ARC) has simple all-inclusive pricing. You essentially pay one fee and it covers everything you need for your certification (online course, classroom skills check, student manual, certification and training supplies). With that said, most California hospitals do not accept American Red Cross certification. Check with your hospital or regulatory agency to make sure they accept ARC training.

The American Heart Association (AHA) BLS class pricing is also simple if purchased directly through Save A Life CPR. Our in-person course includes everything needed for your BLS certificate and includes class essentials snacks and coffee! Our in-person course costs $60 but does not include the student manual. The BLS student manual generally costs around $20. Our BLS online blended learning course costs $80 and includes access to the online course for 2 years, practice, skills check, and certification.

Need an even more affordable BLS class option? You might want to check with your employer if they will cover reimbursement for your CPR training, which could mean getting a free BLS class and eCard!

Does BLS Certification Include First Aid?

In short, no BLS doesn’t include first aid training! While some of the course material and training does overlap with First Aid, for instance the initial scene size up and patient assessment, BLS Certification and course does not actually go into any other first aid topics. With that said, BLS and First Aid is a common job requirement and we do provide a first aid course add on that you can apply to your BLS registration. Simply, click the online first aid course add on when registering for your BLS class. You can contact us if you would like an in-person first aid and BLS combo class.

How to Renew My BLS Certification?

Most students renew their BLS Certification and card by taking the regular (initial) course to get their new certification. Recertification or renewal BLS classes are sometimes available, although they are not as common. The American Heart Association (AHA) BLS Renewal and Recertification Course is a shortened version of the Instructor Led (classroom only) course for more experienced providers. To take a BLS renewal class, a participant must either currently be BLS certified or their certification that has expired within 30 days of the BLS renewal Course.

If you are more familiar with the AHA BLS guidelines you can take our hybrid online Learning (online and classroom) course and strive to pass all the initial assessments in the online course. This cuts down quite a bit of the time making it possible to complete the online portion in 45-60 minutes. Then you would need to come into complete the skills testing portion of the online BLS course.

Learn More About BLS Certification In Southern California

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