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Top 5 Reasons To Get CPR Certified

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Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is an essential life-saving skill. It can empower anyone to become heroes, enabling them to resuscitate a victim of cardiac arrest. Individuals who spend even a few hours learning CPR can reap the benefits of their efforts for years to come.

You Could Save Someone’s Life

To understand the impact of CPR in emergencies, let’s consider the following stats from the American Heart Association (AHA):

  • 70% of people feel helpless to act in a cardiac emergency because they either do not know how to perform CPR or their CPR training has significantly lapsed.
  • Only 32% of cardiac arrest victims receive CPR from bystanders.
  • Four out of five cardiac arrest incidents occur at home and work; this means a cardiac arrest victim is likely to be a family member, friend or coworker.
  • More than 359,000 emergency medical assessed cardiac arrests take place outside of a hospital.
  • For every minute that passes without CPR and defibrillation with an AED, a cardiac arrest victim’s chances of survival decrease between 7-10%.
  • Enrolling in a CPR certification class to help you practice and learn CPR can help reduce the loss of life in life threatening emergencies.

Performing CPR can preseve brain function during cardiac arrest. CPR enables lifesavers to supply oxygen to the brain, increasing the chance to keep blood flowing to keep vital organs alive.

You Can Be the Difference Between Life and Death for Victims of Sudden Cardiac Arrest

Few people know how to identify and address this issue correctly sudden cardiac arrest. The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute defines SCA as a condition that causes the heart to suddenly stop beating. When it happens, blood stops flowing to the brain and other vital organs throughout the body. Because of this an SCA victim could die if cardiac arrest is not addressed quickly.

92% percent of sudden cardiac arrest victims die before getting to a healthcare provider. The AHA also notes immediate CPR can double or even triple a cardiac arrest victim’s chances of survival.

Learn To Relieve Choking in Infants, Children and Adults

Choking can occur when food or another foreign object gets stuck in the victims airway.This can stop oxygen from getting to the lungs and other vital organs. Its known that Lack of oxygen to the brain for more than 4 minutes can cause brain damage and death so it is important for everyone to quickly recognize and alleviate choking. Whether you’re a nurse or a layman, Save A Life CPR offers both BLS certification and CPR certification courses that all include relief of choking training!

Many Schools and Jobs Need CPR, First Aid and BLS Certification

Not only is CPR certification an empowering choice, it might also be the required choice. Employers, even in the non-medical fields are getting stricter on employee safety and are starting to require certification of the life-saving skill.

Here are just a few careers that may require CPR certification (Depending On Your State/County):
Dental Assistants
Dental Hygienist
Physical Therapists
Coaches and Athletic Trainers
Construction Worker
Child Care Provider
Flight Attendant
Flight Attendant
Nanny and Babysitter
Teacher and School Staff
Security Guard
Yoga Teacher
Social Worker

Save A Life CPR offers group training to make it easy for large groups of workers to learn CPR together. Our CPR and First Aid courses are perfect for any setting including corporate settings, small businesses, warehouses, construction sites, schools, colleges and more. Our programs usually don’t take long to complete, and after they’re done, they empower workers/office workers to administer CPR as needed.


An automated external defibrillator (AED) is a portable medical device that may be used in an sudden cardiac arrest emergency. AEDs analyze the heart’s rhythm and delivers a strong electrical shock to the patient’s heart as needed. By shocking the heart, this can help restore the heart’s rhythm.

You can purchase an AED and learn all about AEDs, how they work and where to find them from one of our CPR classes. With our training, students learn how effectively use an AED to help reduce the loss of life in cardiac arrest events. Because of this CPR and First Aid certification is crucial, and individuals of all experience levels can enroll in any of our CPR courses.

Save A Life CPR offers some of the best CPR certification classes throughout Southern California including Orange and Los Angeles Counties. Check out our FAQs for more information. To learn more about our CPR, First Aid and BLS certification classes and our onsite group CPR training, please email us or call us at (714) 739-2707.