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Why Your Business Should You Have Your Employees Trained And Certified in CPR, AED and First Aid

Group CPR AED And First Aid Classes

Why Your Business Should Have Your Employees Trained And Certified in CPR, AED and First Aid

CPR, AED and first aid training is something you hope you and your small business never have to use but its vital and your employees should be trained in case of an emergency. Its crucial to think ahead and to be prepared because accidents and the unexpected happen all the time.

Knowledgeable Employees Can Help Prevent Accidents

CPR and first aid training can help employers feel more at ease when it comes to accident prevention. Training your employees in CPR and First Aid also means they’re better prepared for future emergencies and can even create an environment where your employees make more of an effort to prevent accidents from occurring. If your company can minimize accidents, you’ll limit your liability.

Stay Prepared For Workplace Emergencies and Injuries

Turn your employees into lifesavers! Even if we do everything in power to prevent avoidable accidents, accidents happen! When properly trained in high quality CPR, your employees will be better able to point out and treat sudden cardiac arrest and other emergencies and injuries.

Whether you’re a food service provider or a construction company, CPR, choking relief (The Heimlich Maneuver) and first aid training are vital to employee, customers and accident prevention.

Your Business Can Make A Difference Before EMS And Other Medical Professionals Arrive

When accidents or medical emergencies occur at your business you should always call 911. With that said, CPR trained employees make a huge difference. CPR compressions alone can help save the victim some time until an EMS ambulance arrives.

Safety, BLS training and CPR AED certification are vital to small and large businesses alike. Even medical offices like dentists need CPR certification. Sometimes its even required by regulatory agencies, so make sure to you’re compliant!

Learn The Heimlich To Relieve Choking

We recommend that businesses like restaurants and even dental offices get CPR Certified. This is because choking can occur at any moment, even in places where there is no food served. Whether its the American Heart Association, The Red Cross or The American Safety and Health Institute; we’ve got your BLS, AED and CPR certification needs covered.

Your Employees And Customers Health Are Well Worth The Investment

Your employees and customers are your top priority! Be proactive and give your Human Resources Department (HR) the upper-hand and help them setup a group CPR and BLS class onsite at your workplace. CPR and AED training can help boost employee wellness and promote a safe work environment.

Teach Your Team Teamwork

Group CPR and First Training is a great way to bring the best out of your employees. Teamwork and communication skills are extremely important and should be well practiced. CPR Classes help foster team building in a fun and unique way. You workers will get the chance to interact, practice, ask questions and work as a team.

Get CPR, AED And First Aid Certified With Save A Life CPR’s OSHA Compliant Classes

Get your office CPR certified! Save A Life CPR in La Mirada, La Puente and Norwalk California offers quick, low stress and affordable group CPR training so that everyone on your corporate team can get CPR, AED and First Aid trained together, at your convenience. Get a customized quote for group CPR training here––it takes just a couple of minutes.