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Denise Maximo
Denise Maximo
Very informative course! Although you’re receiving an abundance of information, the instructor walks you through it throughly and ways for you to understand.
Jammy Banuelos
Jammy Banuelos
Great class, instructor was nice and informative. East to keep up pace with the class. I would recommend to others.
Brittany Melissa
Brittany Melissa
great class and very thorough and hands on. instructor gives a summary note to take home to always have with you. will be coming back for my renewal!
Alexander Martinez
Alexander Martinez
A great class that provides all the necessary education to help save a life. It also provides excellent customer support and flexibility when it comes to scheduling classes. When the time comes again to renew or take classes for first aid, I will be sure to use their services
Pedro Perez
Pedro Perez
Kathy the instructor made the entire process smooth and easy. Great and easy to follow class.
Cate DeLuna
Cate DeLuna
Great class! Kathy was amazing!!
Jacqueline Aguirre
Jacqueline Aguirre
Great BLS class! I will continue to come here for my renewal.
Isiah De Guzman
Isiah De Guzman
Place is great and the instructors are awesome! Definitely recommend!
Victor Morales
Victor Morales
The class was educated and comprehensive it made sense and I feel confident I can provide CPR.
Brenda Torres
Brenda Torres
Great location, straight forward learning. Kathy was a great instructor, made me feel at ease.


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Basic Life Support (BLS) for Healthcare Providers

2-Year American Heart Association Certification – Same Day Certification!

Our BLS course is designed for healthcare professionals, nursing students, EMT students, and other medical field related students who need to know how to perform CPR, as well as other lifesaving skills, in a wide variety of in-hospital and out-of-hospital settings.

If you have any questions please email us at 
[email protected]

Classes no longer shown are full and are closed for enrollment.

This Class Has Two Parts:
  • Part 1: Online portion (Can be completed in approximately 1-3 hours based on experience). As soon as you register, you will receive a registration email which includes a link to take the online course for your class. This must be completed before the hands-on portion.
  • Part 2: A hands-on skills session with one of our AHA authorized CPR instructors. (30+ minutes) Please reply to the registration email to set up a day and time to conduct the hands-on portion at our office in La Mirada.If you have any questions please email us at [email protected]

OSHA Compliant CPR Classes

Expert training. OSHA compliant. Quick, easy, and affordable. If you need CPR training to satisfy an OSHA-mandated job requirement or you just want to know how to keep your loved ones safe Save A Life CPR offers award-winning courses so that you can be sure that you are getting the latest information and highest quality instruction. With locations servicing Los Angeles County and Orange County and the option to choose from in-person courses or online / classroom blended learning there’s a CPR Certification Class for the way you learn best.


Our CPR/AED certification program also includes a recertification component for current certificate holders, and can help nurses, first responders, social workers, teachers and others, earn continuing education credits. American Heart Association courses, like the ones that Save A Life CPR offers can qualify for CEUs.

Loma Linda University School of Nursing

Loma Linda University School of Nursing, nestled in Southern California, is a distinguished institution known for its dedication to nurturing competent and compassionate healthcare professionals. A hallmark of its comprehensive educational experience is an emphasis on hands-on clinical training and real-world application. To ensure the utmost safety and preparedness in patient care settings, all nursing students are required to obtain BLS (Basic Life Support) Certification. This certification equips them with the essential skills and knowledge to respond effectively to cardiopulmonary emergencies, making them invaluable assets in any healthcare environment.

Loma Linda University Student Discount

Save A Life CPR offers LLU students with a CPR discount. Contact us with your school ID or other proof for the discount code.

Find nearby CPR Classes in San Bernardino County

Look at our schedule above to find a BLS or CPR & First Aid class nearby San Bernardino County.

Same Day Certification

Save A Life CPR provides Same Day Digital Certificates for our graduates. Our highly regarded American Heart Association eCard Certificates are extremely convenient allowing you to access your certificates from anywhere with an internet connection. Paying for replacement cards is a thing of the past. Each certificate includes a unique code which allows employers to easily confirm your certificate is valid. Certified individuals as well as employers can visit the American Heart Association or the American Red Cross Certificate Verification web page and enter the ID found on the digital certificate to access up to date certificate and student information.

American Heart Association CPR Classes

Common CPR Class Questions:

How do I become CPR certified?

Getting CPR Certified is easy.

  1. Book a class with a training provider like Save A Life CPR.
  2. Take the class
  3. Meet your course objectives
  4. Receive your eCard or digital certificate

Are Online CPR Classes Legitimate?

Online only courses can be found all over the internet. Most schools and employers do not accept certifications unless they have an in-person component. Practicing on a proper training manikin is the closest you can get to performing CPR for real. It is a vital step to ensure that you can perform in a real-world situation. Most schools/employers do allow for blended learning, which consists of part on-line and part in-person classes which are offered by a major training provider like Save A Life CPR. This solution can be a great fit for you because it allows you to take most of the class from the comfort of your own home and get the hands-on skills taught and tested in-person under the watchful eye of our expert staff.

If your employer is subject to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations, then OSHA standards do not accept online-only certifications for employees that are required to have CPR training.

Many employers accept only a certification from the American Red Cross or the American Heart Association. These organizations have the most widely accepted certification programs. They cannot be obtained by online-exclusive training but can be obtained via blended learning options.

It is important to check your employer’s or school’s requirements before signing up for any training course.

How Long Are American Heart Association CPR Classes?

The time it takes to complete the online class depends on the training you choose and whether you are taking the classroom only or blended learning option where part of the class is completed online and part of it is completed in-person with a qualified CPR Instructor present.
For example, the Adult CPR/AED class will take:

Classroom only – About 2-3 hours

Blended Learning – Online 1-3 hours (Done at your convenience) plus 20+ minutes of in-class instructor led skills learning with manikins.

How Long Does an AHA CPR Certificate Last?

Our American Heart Association & American Red Cross CPR & First Aid certifications are valid for 2 years.

What's the Difference Between Layman CPR and BLS?

As far as certifications go the American Red Cross and American Heart Association provide certifications called Basic Life Support (BLS) for Healthcare Providers that are designed for medical professionals rather than the general public. BLS courses covers a lot more ground than what you’d normally learn in a CPR class designed for a layperson. It is important to check your employer’s requirements before registering for any training course.