How To Check Your CPR Certification Status

How To Check Your CPR Certification Status

You’ve mastered high quality CPR, and might have even used your knowledge to save a life––but are you still CPR certified? Once you’ve completed your training, it can sometimes feel like you’re all set. However, CPR certification does expire, so it is vital to understand how long your certification lasts. This guide covers how to check your eCard status, how to view your eCard and what to do if it has expired.


Students often ask “how long is CPR certification good for?” The American Heart Association & Red Cross CPR certification is valid for 2 years from the date of class completion. After that date you are required to take another class to maintain certification and keep your skills sharp. At Save A Life CPR, we provide our students with same-day certification cards, but please note that most training centers do not deliver cards for many days after the training.


Unlike playing an instrument or perfecting a physical skill like a field goal kick, practicing CPR isn’t something you can do every day. Unless you’re a medical professional utilizing CPR techniques regularly, the hope is that you’ll never need to use the training you’ve received. However, this can lead to forgetting how to administer CPR or use an AED over time. As a result, it’s essential to get re-certified and review these critical techniques every few years.

Additionally, as scientific advancements are made and new information becomes available, the CPR curriculum is updated with new techniques and information. By staying up to date with your certification, you can ensure that you have the best possible CPR knowledge and skills at your disposal.


Knowing when to renew your CPR certification is crucial, especially if you’re applying for medical roles or your employer requires valid proof of certification. Fortunately, renewing your certification is a straightforward process, and you can sign up for a renewal CPR course to keep your credentials up to date.

To determine whether your certification is still valid, you can check your certification card for the expiration information, as it typically shows the exact date of expiration. However, if you can’t find the expiration date or are unsure of your certification status, you can look up your American Heart Association certification from their eCard search page. We have a guide to help you find your AHA eCard here.Numerous providers offer online or phone-based certification lookups that can help you find the exact expiration date and provide additional useful information.


Maintaining AHA BLS certification (Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers) is a requirement for many medical professionals and healthcare providers, such as nurses, dentists and EMTs. If you’re employed in the medical field, your employer will likely require that you hold a valid certification. However, for laypeople whose jobs don’t necessitate CPR certification, it can be challenging to keep track of your certification status. Nonetheless, it’s crucial to attend renewal classes and sustain your certification. You’ve put in the effort, so don’t let your CPR certification expire!

Irrespective of whether your employer mandates it, it’s always wise to refresh your knowledge and brush up on your life-saving skills. Enrolling in a renewal class can help clear out any mental cobwebs and keep your CPR know-how sharp.


Now that you know how to check CPR certification status, did you discover that yours has expired? No worries! It’s easy to renew your certification with us! The course takes between  2 hours to 4 hours depending on what certification you need to complete and there are plenty of date/time options to select from, so you can find the session that’s most convenient for you. Upon completion of the course, you’ll receive a same-day certification card that renews your status. Sign up for a course here: CPR & First Aid Training.

If you’ve never been CPR certified, now is the time to do so! Our CPR Certification Classes are taught by medical professionals who have used CPR in the field. With real-world examples, engaging lessons, and hands-on practice, we create a positive, fun learning environment for our students. You’ll learn incredible life-saving techniques, including how to administer CPR and proper AED usage.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for a Save A Life CPR course today! Give us a call at 714-739-2707 or register online anytime at SaveALifeCPR.org